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storm phoptographer       "As a storm photographer for the last 35 years, I have pursued some of the planet's most extreme weather. I have had a front row seat while watching our climate change.
      Deserts are becoming dryer, hurricanes are becoming stronger and wildfires are raging with increasing frequency and intensity. Tornado Alley is slowly shifting from the
      traditional regions of west Texas towards the east and north.  (Near Miami, Texas - May 1994)

storm chaser warren faidley

      "The difference between survival and disaster is often balanced on a razor's edge. Sometimes its calculated luck while other times experience has saved me. There is always an
      internal struggle between self-preservation and a burning obsession to witness even more."
(Hurricane Irma. Miami, Florida. September 2017.)

storm chaser warren faidley

      "The driving force of my pursuit is simple -- it's a treasure hunt. I never know on any given day what I will encounter. The 'unknown' elements and curiosity is too hard to resist."
(East of Amarillo, Texas - June 2008)

storm chaser lecture       "I started my career as a storm photographer in Tucson, Arizona while working as a photojournalist for a local newspaper. I quickly realized I enjoyed tracking violent lightning
      storms much more than covering everyday assignments.
"   (Tucson, AZ. 2021)

warren faidley storm chaser

      "If only this old building could talk!   (Lonely crossroads. Eastern Colorado)

      "As an extreme weather photojournalist, I prefer to be "in the action" as opposed to witnessing things from a comfortable distance.
This includes my favorite work zone during hurricanes -- in the storm surge. It's a dangerous place to cover the action, but
it provides the viewer a much more dramatic and realistic perpective of what tropical weather is capable of.

storm chaser lecture

      "The harsh reality of chasing cannot be ignored at times. During my career I have walked though countless disaster scenes. The smell of fractured pine wood,tilled earth, damp fabric and
      diesel oil fills the air. When the rescuers depart, people turn to searching the piles of debris, seeking even the smallest token that might connect them to the past. It's often important that
      the storm does take everything.
"   (Joplin, Missouri - EF5 tornado - May 2011)

storm chaser lecture       "Chasing tornadoes is often like a giant game of 3D chess played out over thousands of square miles. Being in the right place at the right time is a symphony of forecasting
      and navigation while dodging everything from softball-sized hailstones to dust storms and slow moving farm equipment.
"   (Near Attica, Kansas - May 29, 2004)

disaster survival expert warren faidley

      "One of the most rewarding aspects being a storm photographer is the opportunity to share my adventures through lectures, writing and images. I have also been able to contribute
       to the science, safety and education of severe weather.  
(Tucson, Arizona - July 1989)

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Storm photography and storm chasing is inherently dangerous. Individuals wishing to conduct
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