Warren Faidley is available for sponsorship and advertising opportunities including:

Product endorsements
Television show hosting and voice-overs
Lectures, special events and trade shows
Safety consulting
Full or partial chase vehicle sponsorships including wraps
Advertising for television, Internet and print
Product testing and endorsements
Character branding via the popular Stormchaser.com branding

High profile personality with a proven track record

"If you had to pick one person in the world to get you through the storm from hell... it would be Warren" (BBC)

Warren is a full-time professional with an excellent 25-year track record of respectable and award-winning service. Warren is the International media's "go to person" when disaster strikes. When the World Disaster Conference needed a keynote speaker with a long history of public service and respectability, they turned to Warren. When an EF5 tornado bore down on Oklahoma City, Warren was live on National news cable networks providing survival instructions. His past and present sponsors and clients include: DuPont®, Johnson & Johnson®, Uniden®, SureFire®, Canada Goose®, Wiley-X®, Fenix®, Wilson Electronics®, Midland® and many more.

Warren is also a Tactical EMT, Certified Wildland Firefighter and pilot in addition to his work as a severe weather and natural disaster safety and survival expert.

Please email or call Warren's office at 520 505-8702 for additional information.

See Warren's biography here.