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twister movie warren faidley

      "In 1995 I was contacted by a Warner Bros. writer about a new motion picture project with a storm chasing theme. The main character was to be based on a chaser like myself.
      But in the complex world of motion pictures, Michael Crichton's book "Twister" was ultimately used as the basis for the film. I was however, used as an initial technical consultant
      and better yet, rewarded with the ultimate bragging rights to have one of my tornado images used for movie marketing, including the poster and digital packaging. The actual image
      was taken near Miami, Texas in May of 1994 - after being pounded with hailstones - but well worth the welts."

storm clouds picture - warren faidley

"The skies over Tornado Alley can change in an instant. A creative opportunity can come and go in
seconds. I've lost countless scenes by arriving just seconds too late. "

hurricane andrew picture

      "I started my career as a freelance newspaper photojournalist. My specialty was disasters, fires, riots and other mayhem. Such events were exciting and forced creativity under
      the worse conditions. But most importantly, they landed my images on the front page which rewarded me with my first, fulltime job. I found these two gentlemen trying to move
      a firehose closer to an exploding building fire, but the heat was so extreme they had to flee for their lives. Covering insane and dangerous events as a journalist was perfect
      training for my future occupation as a professional storm chaser."     (Tucson, Arizona - 1986)

warren faidley lightning photographer

      "Most storm photography is a constant search for color. The majority of storm skies, from tornadoes to hurricanes are grey and void of contrast. Occasionally, Mother Nature
      rewards the persistent photographer. I shot this image near Tucson, Arizona in 1996. The sunset was so brilliant, the long exposure on film saturated the image with a fantastic
      color." Thanks again Mother Nature."

warren faidley hurricane chaser

      "Hurricane surges are some of the most dangerous conditions to work in, but are required to get the most telling images. I've seen everything from bodies, sewage, hazardous
      chemical drums to snakes and money floating by. I was once stung or bitten in surge waters by an unknown creature causing my leg swell up like an balloon."
      (Hurricane Ivan - Pensacola, Florida - September 2004).

tornado chaser warren faidley

    "Had this been any other afternoon, the royal blue sky would have only been a graceful transition between day and night. But tonight, the entire horizon was transformed
    into a beautiful and majestic scene. The sky darkened, and the clouds became translucent from constant internal lightning flashes. Some lightning bolts leaped from the
    top of the storms, reaching toward the heavens. The top of the western-most storm was bathed in a wondrous golden glow from some distant sunset, while overhead, a
    few bright stars shone like diamonds set on the storm's amber crown. We sat quietly and simply absorbed the show as it unfolded over the endless emerald fields which
    flowed to-and-fro from the breeze. Then it dawned on me; this was the essence of chasing. I had begun to fall in love with the Plains.
    (From my book Storm Chaser. Eastern, Colorado - May 2013).

tornado alley picture

      "On May 22, 1987 I conducted my very first torando chase, targeting Southwestern Texas. Little did I suspect, that I would end up that evening in what was left of Saragosa,
      a small farming community, suffering almost complete destruction by a large F4 tornado. It was a humbling experience for a young photojournalsit turned professional storm
      photographer. The next morning, as I walked though the shattered landscape, a woman pointed out this fork embedded into a tree trunk, carried from where her home once
      stood. She survived by hiding in a broom closet, the only part of her home left standing. Many people were not so lucky as the twister killed 30 people. This tragic toll also
      included a large number of children attending a graduation ceremony. I swore that day I would give something back while chasing. Keeping my promise, I eventually earned
      my State EMT certification so I could assit with future disasters.

stock clouds picture

      "Sometimes an unusual image can be as easy as walking out the door and pointing your cell phone camera upwards. This rare mix of high altitude, winter clouds over
      Tucson, Arizona made for an interesting image."

big horn fire picture

      "A lightning strike started The "Big Horn" fire north of Tucson, Arizona in June of 2020. The fire burned though over 100,000 acres in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Non-native,
      Buffelgrass helped fuel the fire and assisted in igniting hundreds of Arizona's famous saguaro cacti, many that had stood for hundreds of years.

Mammatus clouds stock picture

      "Rainbows have a way of showing up after some of the most tragic events I've covered. Fortunately, this rainbow in Eastern New Mexico was a parting gift as I headed
      home after a long chase season in 2004. After a few weeks recovery...... I can't wait until next spring!

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