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Warren's Best Selling Autobiography is Now Available as an E-book!

Stormchaser - A Lifelong Quest to Find the Perfect Storm

The New York Times Says: A quick but lingering read"

storm chaser book

An overnight hit... selling out multiple printings and making the best selling list on Amazon and others, including Nature and Science selections. Read the exciting adventures of "America's Top Storm Chaser." A 27 year veteran storm chaser, Warren Faidley has experienced it all. From the early days of storm chasing where you chased by the seat of your pants with gas station road maps to the modern era of laptops and onboard Doppler radar.

Warren's amazing career began at age 12 after he nearly drowned while conducting his "first storm chase." Follow his life as a full time storm chaser as he encounters some of the worlds most violent weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning storms. And along the lonely highways, the adventures can be just as entertaining as the weather! A must read for all ages.

See Warren's complete biography here.

Note: Beware of a same-titled book not by Warren Faidley.

Warren's New Storm Survival Guide

The first of its kind, the Ultimate Storm Survival Handbook covers all forms of severe weather, including snowstorms, tornados, ice storms, hurricanes, and more. In addition to practical advice on preparing your home, avoiding dangers, and creating action plans, it also features special chapters on pet care, post-storm dangers, children, and phobias. A must have for every home, office, vehicle and boat."

Published by Rutledge Hill Press. 288 pages. Includes extensive storm chase and severe weather glossary. Illustrations and pictures. ISBN: 1401602851. Retails for $12.99.

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Advertisers and commercial interests! Bulk printings of this life-saving book are now available. An excellent idea for commercial, government or business interests.

Thanks for your support. A portion of all sales of our products is donated to the Storm Angel Foundation™. Additional funds are used for emergency storm spotting communications equipment.

Storm Chaser® is a registered service mark and trademark for various services and products.

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